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Packing & Unpacking

Correctly packing items to be moved is one of the most important factors in assuring a successful move. For this reason, many customers choose to have Binding Price Moving and Storage perform their packing for them. Professional packing insures that your goods are prepared to be transported safely and avoids potential complications regarding liability. Binding Price Moving and Storage has the experience and expertise to make sure that customers who choose our packing services find their items packed properly and organized room by room. Save yourself the hassle of packing by having our careful professionals take care of the work for you.

Our flat rate pricing guarantees the lowest moving rates available

Packing Materials Price List

Material Size Price per Ea. Packing
Book Box 17”X12.5”X12.5 $ 3.00 $ 7.00
Linen Box 18”X18”X16” $ 6.00 $18.00
China Box 18”X18”X28” $ 8.00 $18.00
Wardrobe Box (Sale) 22”X24”X47” $13.00 $17.00
Wardrobe Box (Rental) 22”X24”X47” $ 8.00 $16.00
Picture / Mirror Box 44”X3.5”X29” $ 8.00 $16.00
Commercial Bin (Sale) 48”X24”X28” $15.00 $19.00
Commercial Bin (Rental) 48”X24”X28” $10.00 $14.00
Any TV Box Under 27” 28”X26”X22” $10.00 $18.00
Any Electronic Box 20”X20”X16” $10.00 $18.00
Mattress Cover Plastic All Sizes $12.00 $16.00
Mattress Box All Sizes $14.00 $20.00
File Box 24”X15”X12” $4.00 $8.00
Corrugated Crates $ 4.00 per Square Foot

Moving and Packing Tips
Make Sure Your Stuff Arrives Safely

Properly label boxes with stickers that instruct the movers on how to handle the contents. Stickers can be bought at an office supply store or made on your own computer.

Clothes, towels, linens, pillows can be used to keep fragiles safe. Just make sure you mark this on the box for when the box is unpacked. If the person who is unpacking the box is unaware that a crystal vase is wrapped inside a fleece blanket, they could easily unfurl the blanket sending the vase crashing to the floor. This has happened to me on more than one occasion!

Make sure you properly wrap all fragile items in several layers of bubble wrap and pack them on their edge (plates, mirrors, picture frames, etc). It's inexpensive and will prevent dishes and other fragiles from bumping against one another. I've used newspaper to separate plates and have had a few broken pieces as a result.

Tape any stray items together into a bundle. Ski poles, brooms, mops, lamp stands, etc... can be taped into one package for easy carrying and storing.

When moving furniture, make sure you keep all parts together with the item itself. Screws, bolts and other small pieces can be put into a self-locking plastic bag (sandwich bag/freezer bag) then taped to the furniture itself. If you're moving a table, unscrew the legs, tape the legs together then tape the parts bag to the underside of the table top. You can even tape the legs to the underside of the table top just to ensure that the legs don't get scratched or dented in the move.

Wrap all scratchable furniture in protective padding. Table tops, coffee tables, headboards, etc... can all suffer from scratches and bruising during the move. Furniture padding can be rented from moving companies or storage facilities. I don't recommend using your own linens to protect furniture, linens can be ripped and become stained during a move. In addition, furniture padding is just that - padding. It will better protect your belongings.

What our Customers say:

Awesome service. Truly diligent team. a stress-free relocation service. I would like them to continue with the good work even in future. Reasonable prices and extremely nice guys, I'd several unusual designed items and also breakable items and so they handled them very well. ..

- Milli Levinson, New York,NY 06/10/2015     Read more testimonials

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