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Moving Insurance

Now you can have a worry-free move!

At Binding Price Movers we understand how stressful it is to relocate. We help eliminate your stress by providing you with the appropriate insurance for your household goods. Now you can concentrate on your moving needs knowing that your goods are safe, secure and insured.

At Binding Price Movers, making sure our customers are insured for their upcoming move is our top priority. We offer standard valuation coverage, as well as full replacement coverage from the nation's top insurance providers.

Binding Price Movers, maintains $5 million worth of general liability insurance, as well workers' compensation insurance coverage. The amount of insurance coverage is an important factor when choosing a moving company, when nearly every building in New York City requires certificate of insurance for any work performed on the premises.

tandard Valuation Coverage: Standard coverage is available to every customer Free of Charge based on the weight of the shipment or the item. In New York, the industry standard is 30 Cents per pound per article for local moving, and 60 Cents per pound per article for long distance, with total shipment caps of $2500.00.

Depreciated Valuation: Binding Price Movers offers extended valuation coverage, which can be purchased for $5.00 for each additional $1,000.00 of coverage. Extended valuation covers repairs ordepreciation of damaged item.

Full Replacement Valuation: Binding Price Movers joined forces with, a third party insurance agency which offers full replacement coverage at competitive rates. Please visit their website directly to learn more about their products and service.

Insurance Tips:

When Selecting a Moving Company Thoroughly review the moving company's terms for insurance coverage.
Determine the extent of liability coverage for property loss or damage your mover will provide.
Closely examine the contract and find a section for you to establish the estimated value of your possessions.
Determine the maximum liability dollar value of the insurance provided by the mover and the process involved in case you need to place a claim.
However, this does not guarantee that in case of a claim you are entitled to the maximum liability damage coverage.
Factors such as government regulations, taxes, and laws limit the actual the amount you may be entitled to in case of a claim.
Realize that the insurance provided by most moving companies only covers a portion of the total value of your possessions and you will have to get additional insurance to be fully covered.


Methods of Protecting Household Goods - International Insuring international shipments is less complicated than methods currently in vogue for domestic shipments. Historically, at least within the Corporate world, employees were provided commercially available insurance, as arranged for either by their Freight Forwarding company, or their Risk Management group. Concerns over international law and the wide variety of international shipping contracts led most companies to purchase insurance in behalf of their ExPat. Insurance was predicated upon the employee completing a Declared Value Inventory, which served as the application. The amount of coverage provided was the amount of value as declared on each item by the employee. This method is still prevalent today.

Another reason the Declared Value inventory is the "method of choice" by most firms, is that the D.V.I. also serves as the employees customs' declaration, upon which taxes will be paid to a foreign country. . There are insurance companies today offering Blanket Limits of coverage and for the most part, this is a viable alternative. The only negative would be the over-insuring of shipments, which is of no benefit to either the employee or the employer. This method does eliminate the need for a line item Declared Value inventory, which saves the employee a great deal of time, prior to their departure, Most vessel (shipping) companies have very limited legal liabilities, if any at all, and thus there are no initiatives for "carrier valuation" programs.

What our Customers say:

Awesome service. Truly diligent team. a stress-free relocation service. I would like them to continue with the good work even in future. Reasonable prices and extremely nice guys, I'd several unusual designed items and also breakable items and so they handled them very well. ..

- Milli Levinson, New York,NY 06/10/2015     Read more testimonials

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